10 interesting facts about women

10 Interesting Facts About Women

Women are simply amazing. They are gift of life, mothers, wives and daughters. They work tirelessly to raise children together with their husband and look pretty good doing it. For this reason Ann Rogers once said, “Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.”

Studies conducted recently has shown that women have an amazingly perfect memory for facial features.

Read on to discover more facts about women that you may not have known.

  1. Women’s noses are more sensitive than that of men.
  2. Women are 7-9 times more likely to suffer from “broken heart syndrome.”
  3. Women’s farts generally smell worse than men’s due to their higher levels of hydrogen sulphide.
  4. Women with high levels of trust in their fathers have significantly better communication and trust with their romantic partners.
  5. Women in relationships are better at remembering the faces of attractive females because they may be seen as ‘potential threats.’
  6. Statistically speaking, women are better drivers than men.
  7. Women are often attracted to men with a good sense of humor because it’s associated with honesty and higher intelligence.
  8. Brain scans found that women are more responsive to romance after they have been fed -Food is the way to a woman’s heart, as well.
  9. Women tend to be better at discerning shades of colors while men tend to be better at tracking fast moving objects, and discerning detail from a distance. Researchers say these adaptations may possibly be linked to our hunter-gatherer past.
  10. Women should go out with their friends at least twice a week to maintain their health and happiness, according to researchers.

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